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Moving to Toledo

Moving to Toledo

Moving to Toledo, Ohio, might just be one of the best decisions you have ever made. A traditional US city, it is a collection of close-knit neighborhoods to suit people of all experiences and backgrounds. So, if you are thinking of packing up to the Buckeye State, there are a few things you might want to know about. Toledo itself is a great city and can hold its own against major cities such as New York despite its smaller size. Here are some things you need to know.

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The Weather of Ohio

The weather in the state of Ohio and, indeed, Toledo is generally good for most of the year. It is a bit more humid than most other states, and the winters aren't as cold. Rainfall is moderate and is predictable for pretty much the whole year, with very dry Octobers. However, being so close to Tornado Alley, the threat of heavy wind remains constant, although disasters are rare. The flat nature of Ohio makes Toledo predictable. But there are microclimates along its larger rivers.

Local People and Culture

Toledo is named after the Spanish city and is home to many immigrants of the past who came seeking jobs. Around 450,000 people live within the metropolitan area and within cities such as Toledo. As such, there are many cultural opportunities for anyone wishing to experience them. These include a very active jazz scene, wonderful parks, and even an opera house. Of course, there are also shopping malls that cater to the friendly people living in the relatively small city.

The Food to Expect When Moving to Toledo, Ohio

Toledo has a rich food heritage, owing in part to the old farmer's market dating back to 1832. The food is fairly traditional in the United States despite the city's namesake in Europe. Some of the most traditional dishes in Toledo, Ohio, include chicken of all kinds, biscuits and gravy, and one heck of a meatloaf sandwich. Of course, the city is also home to outstanding ethnic restaurants such as Grape Leaf Express, Damascene Grill, and Bangkok Kitchen.

Toledo's Art and Museums

There is a rich culture and heritage within Toledo and the wider state of Ohio. The Museum of Art is by far one of the most iconic. Located in the Old West End part of the city, the gallery houses over 30,000 items. It's also always completely free, which you don't often get these days. Other museums of interest include the Imagination Station Science Gallery, the Toledo Firefighters Museum for History of Service in the City, and the quirky Frogtown Froggy Museum.

Downtown Festivals and Entertainment

No matter the season, there are always events and festivals happening in Toledo. The city has a long-standing relationship with motor racing events such as Nascar, and people from all over the US flock to Toledo for some of the nation's largest events, which include the following:

  • The Toledo Auto Show.

  • The German American and Greek American Festivals.

  • University of Toledo Homecoming Parade.

  • Michigan International Speedway.

  • Toledo JeepFest.

Of course, there are many, many more events that happen throughout the seasons, all of which offer something for everyone. Some seasonal honorable mentions include the Winter Brew Fest, the Adams Street Zombie Crawl, Barefoot, and the Beach and Children's Wonderland. 

The Work Economy of Toledo, Ohio

Toledo is historically an industrial city and provides for the automotive industry because of its proximity to Detroit, Michigan, which is around one hour away by car. Toledo also has a strong glass manufacturing industry, which began in the 1880s after transit canals were completed. The city has also had strong increases in local economies, such as plastic manufacture and other materials, making the city one of the country's best production hubs for supplies.

The Housing Market in Toledo

Toledo's housing market is expected to be one of the greatest in 2024 because of its 14% increase each year. Property management companies are taking advantage of the great value with developments such as Hunter's Ridge Apartments in Toledo, Ohio. As a resident, there are many stunning options, no matter your budget. For owners, the market is extremely strong, with the average value of a Toledo home expected to rise by about 8% throughout 2024.

Hunter's Ridge Apartments in Toledo

Moving to Toledo, Ohio

You may enjoy the weather and find it a good reason when thinking of moving to Toledo, Ohio. The city scene includes numerous art galleries, museums, and restaurants. The food is diverse yet remains largely traditional based on the European immigrant culture of the city. Each year, the city is home to many seasonal events and festivals, including NASCAR racing. But the city is also among the top in the United States when it comes to reliable and valuable housing.